Black and white film development

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How do you usually expose and develop your black and white film? :blush:

I’ll start with this simple recipe:

Kodak Tri-X 400

  • Film exposed for 800 ISO
  • Develop for 1600 ISO (EV+1)
  • Stock Ilfosol 3 (1+9)
    • 14 minutes bath at 20°C
  • Acetic acid 60% (1+19)
    • 1 minute bath
  • Stock Ilford rapid fixer (1+4)
    • 5 minutes bath
  • Tap water cleaning for 5 minutes
  • Kodak Photoflo (dew drops)
    • 10 minutes bath while I clean my bathroom

I got scratches on this negatives because I got sloppy with the film reel :pensive:

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Very nice results! I’ve been a bit all over the place lately.

Fomapan 100 35mm

I bought an expired 100ft roll of Fomapan 100 a year or two ago and it has been my go-to for casual shooting since. I have only ever developed it in D76 Stock, 6-8 minutes depending on how I’m feeling. 3 minutes in Kodak fixer and air dry. These generally turn out really rough because I’ve usually scratched and blotched the emulsion before it finishes drying. These are some old low-quality scans with my Fuji mirrorless and an ipad display.

Acros 100 120 (6x6)

I’d honestly kinda forgotten how good modern film can look. This is slightly expired Neopan Acros 100 120 film (not the new acros refresh) shot through my Yashica MAT-124. Looks very clean and even. This is one of the first rolls that I scanned on my Epson v600 after developing in D76 as above.

Svema 64 120 (6x6)

svema-DSCF7365-Mar 23 2020 copy
This was an interesting one. I picked up 5 rolls of this 1990 expired soviet film at my local camera shop and shot one roll through my Yashica MAT-124. These came out really gross (in a good way for some) and I really like the look of them. Devved just the same in D76.

Caffenol Fomapan 100

I tried my hand here at using caffenol for dev, I have the proportions and timings written down somewhere if anyone is interested. The foma came out super grainy and cool. It was a bit of a hassle compared to the liquid developer that I have pre-mixed, but I liked not using such harsh chems and they turned out great.

I have a few powder developers ready to be mixed up as I have thouroughly depleted my D76. I’ve got XTOL, Film Photography Project D96 and more caffenol.

I’ve also been doing trying my hand at darkroom stuff with making some 4x5 contact prints and also direct positive prints. Neither has been successful yet. If you’d like to hear more about those, please ask :slight_smile:

Nice results! I like Kodak’s D76 but the mixing process is really painful. I always get extra potion, but not enough for the next batch and I don’t want to waste another pack of D76 to fill another bottle, so it expires ahahah!

Ilfosol is pretty convenient, but I should try D76 for a large batch of film :thinking:

I am! I never got consistent results with cafenol but your scans look really good.

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