Book recommendation

During the lockdown I didn’t read that much but here is a list of books I would recommend if you are bored:

  • Just Above My Head (James Baldwin)
  • You Can’t Win (Jack Black)
  • Golden Kamui (Noda Satoru)
  • The Man Without Talent (Tsuge Yoshiharu)
  • Bad Gateway (Simon Hanselmann)

I’d love to share some books I’ve recently that may inspire others.

  • To Engineer Is Human - Henry Petroski
  • Plato: Five Dialogues - Plato
  • The Hand And It’s Mysteries - Karma
  • The Portable Jung - Carl Jung
  • The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli

I focus a lot on esoteric ideologies and philosophy as to incorporate that sort of pragmatic thought into my designs. Design Thinking and User Experience relies heavily on psychology and philosophy so in tern learning those can help you be a better designer/researcher by better understanding people.

I haven’t read any material by Jung since years (I used to be a psychology student), now I want to read some classics of the field :slight_smile:

I just finished Candide by Voltaire and really enjoyed it. A fun satirical journey of a noble born kid getting wrecked by the world.

Candide was the topic of my french graduation exam. I should start it again, it’s such a fun read :smiley: