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I’m roy niang (b. 1994) and I’m from France. I would say that most of my practice is photographic but I also draw, design objects, write, and I create books.

You can see some of my work on my portfolio and on instagram/pixelfed. I recently created GRTSK, which is my visual diary.

As of more personal details, I’m a bookseller and have a psychology degree. I don’t have any art background.

Lemme know if you have any question. Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m Michael Rupert, from the mid-western US but currenty living in my second-home (lots of family ties) state of North Carolina. I like black and white photography primarily, with an emphasis on film but trying to find happiness in digital as well. My photos site is, though it hasnt been updated for a while.

I’m a Computer Engineering grad currently working at small startup on about 20 people, mostly doing backend programming and devops work.

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Mmmmhh, remind me of some obscure zine, but I can’t place it :wink:

Hey! I currently live in Northern Italy, I’m 26, and have been pressing buttons on cameras for… waaay too much time given that I’m still not quite good :'D

In my day job, I’m a PhD student in Computer Science researching stuff at the intersection between CS, Education, Sociology, Epistemology and a bunch more disciplines.

My pictures are over at my website, though I still have to upload many of my chemical pictures, which I really started focusing on in 2019.

Right now I’m still in quarantine, but I’ll soon be released, and I’m planning to take many, many pictures to compensate this time of not being able to roam the overworld :3

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